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Duties and Job Description

Title: Board Member

The Arizona Early Childhood Development & Health Board provides leadership, governance, and vision to FTF as provided in Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 13, and specifically Section 8-1192. The Board works to achieve the mission and vision of FTF by setting policy and providing oversight and leadership. The vision of FTF is that “all Arizona’s children are ready to succeed in school and life.” The mission is “First Things First is one of the critical partners in creating a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high-quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children birth through age five.” The vision and mission will be attained through a comprehensive early childhood system that values children as Arizona’s greatest asset and recognizes families and communities at the center of decision-making. The Board also establishes and facilitates the implementation of the FTF Strategic Plan.

Board membership is established in two ways:

  • Nine (9) seats are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Arizona State Senate.
  • Three (3) seats are established by statute and reserved for state agency leaders by virtue of position and therefore are ex-officio: Director of Economic Security, Director of Health Services, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. The only difference in the duties of an ex officio member and others is that they may not vote. As leaders of state government departments that have a big impact on young children and their families, ex-officio members bring a unique and important perspective to the FTF Board.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Ensure adherence to FTF’s mission, vision, values, policies, and governance system.
  • Provide organizational direction, input and approval on statutory requirements and other topics adopted by the Board.
  • Set and abide by the governance system.
  • Assess the Board’s performance annually against its stated standards.
  • Ensure that strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation processes are established and implemented.
  • Use data to make decisions.
  • Monitor long-term and short term results/outcomes and evaluate progress against indicators and benchmarks.
  • Act as ambassadors and advocates for FTF and young children.
  • Exercise authority and oversight as ultimate fiduciary.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, tribal, and local laws.
  • Ensure financial viability, sustainability, and management of risk.
  • Review and approve overall budget.
  • Set programmatic priorities and allocate programmatic funds.
  • Engage communities and statewide partners, businesses, philanthropic organizations, and others in FTF.
  • Connect, inform, support, monitor, nurture, respect and dialogue with Regional Partnership Councils.
  • Hire, supervise and advise the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Establish performance standards and process.
  • Evaluate the Chief Executive Officer annually.
  • Establish and serve on committees and task forces as needed to expedite the work of the full Board.
  • Approve contracts and grant agreements.
  • Articulate and develop strategic relationships with the State Board of Education and Board of Regents.

Individual Responsibilities:

  • Contribute volunteer time to FTF.
  • Act as ambassador and advocate for FTF and young children.
  • Advise staff in individual areas of expertise.
  • Act as a sounding board for the Chief Executive Officer and other senior staff.
  • Assist in raising funds for FTF.
  • Lend personal credibility and influence.


  1. Training and technical assistance
  2. Board orientation
  3. Staff support
  4. Mileage and meal reimbursement for out-of-town meetings and training
  5. Professional development
  6. Evaluation and assessment of the Board’s performance

Minimum Time Commitment:

10-20 hours per month


Adopted September 24, 2008
Revised April 3, 2012
Revised December 5, 2017

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