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Information and inspiration for parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers and preschoolers

new mom with fussy baby

Coping with the challenge of a fussy baby

    All babies cry, but some are harder to soothe or comfort, and that can be emotionally hard on a new mother.

    top 5 tips for reading with your toddler

    Top 5 tips for reading with your toddler

    • reading

    VIDEO: This episode of Parents Playbook features tips for sharing books with your toddler, which helps them develop the language skills and vocabulary…

    mom and daughter walking through a grass field

    Active, outdoor play boosts learning

    • parenting

    Play in an outdoor, natural environment helps engage a young child’s senses and allows toddlers and preschoolers to exercise their bodies and minds.

    toddler hand reaching for rubber ducky in tub

    Preventing toddler drownings in the home

    • safety

    The biggest drowning threat to toddler safety is unexpected, unsupervised access to water, which includes toilets, bathtubs and buckets of water.

    compilation of Father's Day cards

    Fatherhood is its own reward

    • parenting

    In a recent national survey of dads, 90 percent said that being a parent is their greatest joy.

    everyday activities help develop independence needed for successful transition to kindergarten

    Kindergarten readiness tips: Developing independence

    • school readiness

    Arizona kindergarten teachers share tips for how to nurture independence and self-confidence in your young child and help them be prepared for success in…

    parentz pod family support programs

    Podcast: We’re Here for You

    • parenting

    Learn about parenting and early childhood programs available in Arizona, at no cost to you, to help you do your best for your baby, toddler or preschooler.

    Mother hugging her son as he goes to school

    Surviving child care separation anxiety

    • social-emotional development

    Leaving your child in someone else’s care may cause separation anxiety, but you and your little one will be okay.

    Mother reading to young toddler

    You give the gift of early learning

    • parenting

    This Mother’s Day, celebrate all of the little, but very important, things you do with your little one. These small moments are starting them on the path…

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