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Information and inspiration for parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers and preschoolers

TV time and language

The reality of screen time and language development

  • language & literacy

Unlock your child’s language skills with real talk and interaction. Find out why screen time is not a substitute for human connection.

girl in pink bathing suit with bubble wand

Throwin’ shade: protecting kids from the sun

  • safety

Discover the importance of sun safety for children. Learn how to protect your little ones from sun exposure and heat-related illnesses.

Mom comforting upset daughter with a hug

Early years, lasting impact: Nurturing children’s mental health

  • social-emotional development

According to the Harvard School of the Developing Child, building a close relationship with children is key to nurturing their mental health. Here are five…

toddler boy and dad splashing in a pool

Keeping young kids safe around pools: The ABCs of water safety

  • safety

​Pools are everywhere—in backyards, apartment complexes and neighbors’ homes. Here are the three main safety tips for parents and caretakers of kids…

Decoding little minds: A parent’s guide to understanding children’s behaviors

  • social-emotional development

Until we find a cure-all for hitting and biting, try your best to remain calm and encourage positive behaviors. And remember, this stage (and the bite marks)…

Toddler in striped shirt playing with wooden toys

Home safe home: safety tips for families with young children

  • safety

Ensure the safety of your young child with these helpful tips on creating a safe environment for exploration and learning.

Grandfather with baby on his lap and grandmother sitting nearby

Celebrating the joy grandparents bring

  • grandparents

Every September, First Things First celebrates Grandparents Day to honor grandparents’ important role in young children’s lives.

When to know it's go time

Knowing when your child is ready for toilet training

  • child development

Timing is everything with potty training. The key is waiting for the signs that your toddler is ready.

dads and young children

Dear Dads: You’re doing fine

  • fatherhood

Now’s a good time to think about the important role you play in your child’s life and have a game plan for dealing with stress and uncertainty.

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