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The Board may establish and maintain committees and designate the work of these committees. The Board Chairperson may establish such other ad hoc or special committees as the Chairperson deems necessary or advisable. The Board Chairperson shall designate the work of these ad hoc and special committees.

The Board Chairperson shall appoint the membership of ad hoc and special committees, which may, but need not, include Board members and may delegate the appointing authority to FTF staff. All committees shall act as advisory bodies to the Board and report their recommendations to the Board.

All committees described in this policy shall hold and conduct their meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meeting Law. The chair of each committee shall be its presiding officer and shall set the time, date and place of the meetings. The Board Chairperson may designate a committee chair and vice chair or may allow FTF staff to designate the chair and vice chair. If the chair and vice chair are absent from a committee meeting, the Board Chairperson or FTF staff may name an Acting Chair for that meeting.

Committee members may participate in committee meetings either in person or by telephone, video or internet conferencing when available.

The committee charters for Board established committees may be found in the related sections of this Governance Policy Manual.

Adopted June 26, 2007
Revised October 3, 2017
Revised February 12, 2019

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