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Tag: parenting

Playbook highlights of playing with baby

Parents Playbook: Dad, mom in top plays with speedy freshman

Check out the video highlights! Play is one of the best things you can do to support your child’s development and learning.

mental health

Mental health is an important part of early childhood developmental milestones

We celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness in May—a time to remember that a child’s future success depends on socio-emotional and behavioral…

Mom and daughter on slide

Quality time doesn’t have to cost a thing

Read the story of how an unexpected car repair bill led a single mom to realize that the best we can give our children starts with ourselves.

Playtime is serious business for young children

Playtime is serious business for kids

​Play​ is a natural and important way young children discover and learn. Parents and caring adults can do their part by getting in the game.

Toddler playing in the pantry

Is my 1-year-old’s behavior naughty or normal?

Getting into things, unrolling the toilet paper and dropping food on the floor are part of how your baby makes sense of the world.

Hug your baby early and often. It’s good for the brain.

It makes sense, but now there’s research that the more ​gentle touching the better for a baby’s brain.

Parenteen: A survival guide

Teen parents: Keeping your dreams alive

​​Being a young parent isn’t easy, but with a team of supporters and a solid plan, you can achieve your goals and be an even better parent.

What your caregiver should know

Mom’s night out? Leave a list for your caregiver

Time apart from your baby can be stressful. Use these tips to help you and your caregiver feel more at ease while you’re away.

A father of three boys

A father’s reflections on the first year with three boys

​The best advice for the challenges of parenting newborn twins and a toddler? Patience.

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