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Children’s Health Care

Regular check-ups and shots can prevent many childhood health problems. They also help prevent costly visits to the emergency room. Taking care of your child’s health helps them grow and learn. Try to take your child to the same health care provider each time. They will get to know you and your child, her records will be in one place, and she is likely to be more relaxed in a familiar place.

A child during a health checkup

When Your Child Is Sick

At your baby’s first doctor visit, ask when you should call the doctor and when you should call 9-1-1.




Children at a poolProtect Your Child from the Sun

Too much sun and heat can cause sunburn, skin cancer and overheating.

Protect Your Child’s Lungs

Children’s lungs are more easily damaged than adults’ lungs. To protect them:

Hearing and Vision Care

A child during a health checkup

Children’s Health Care

  • health and nutrition

Learn how to keep your child healthy, and when to take him to the doctor.


Your Preschooler Ages 3-5

  • social-emotional development

Learn how to help your child keep learning and develop social skills.

Your toddler

Your Toddler Ages 1-2

  • child development

How to help your child learn language and explore the world through play.

Peek a boo with baby

Your Baby’s First Six Months

  • child development

Learn how your newborn is developing and how to take care of her.

a child gets a check-up

Your Child’s Check-Ups

  • health and nutrition

Learn about well-baby and well-child care to prevent health problems.


Guiding Preschoolers

  • child development

Learn about setting behavior expectations for preschoolers.

Your Toddler from age 2-3

Your Toddler Ages 2-3

  • child development

Learn about raising a child who is becoming more active, talking and testing limits.



  • child development

Learn about different ways to be successful at breastfeeding.

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

  • health and nutrition

Learn about taking care of yourself while you are pregnant.

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