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Caring for Your Baby

In the first 12 months of life, babies grow very fast. As your baby develops, you will face new and different demands. The loving care you provide now helps your baby learn and develop and lays the foundation for his future. These pages will help guide you through your baby’s changing needs in the first year.

Baby's first 6 months

Your Baby’s First 6 Months

    You will spend these first months getting to know your new baby. You will get into a routine together, and you will start to learn the ways your baby tells you…

    Soothing your baby

    Soothing Your Baby

      During the first months, crying is your baby’s main way to communicate with you. Often you will know what different-sounding cries mean. But sometimes it’s…

      Feeding your baby

      Feeding Your Baby

        Feeding is the most important thing that parents do for their children. During feedings, your baby is awake and you can strengthen your bond with them. Advice…


        About Breastfeeding

          Breast milk helps babies grow and protects them from many health problems. For women, breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding can be…


          About Bottle-feeding

            Whether you pump breast milk or feed formula, feeding your baby from a bottle offers flexibility. Parents and caregivers can use bottle-feeding time to form a…

            Sleep safety

            Sleep Safety

              Sleep is important for your baby’s health, growth and development. Putting your baby down to sleep on their back, in a safe place, in the right clothes and…

              Car safety

              Car Safety

                To be safe while you drive, your baby must be in a car seat. This page can help you choose and install a car seat. In time your baby will outgrow their first…

                Household Safety for Babies

                Household Safety for Babies

                  Between 6 and 12 months, your baby may start to get into everything. As babies can move around more, they want to explore. Babies don’t know what will happen…

                  Home safety checklist

                  Home Safety Checklist

                    Go through your home with this checklist. Make a check mark in the box next to each item you can answer “yes” about. If there are things you cannot check,…

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