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Parents Playbook: Everyday Play

WATCH: Everyday Play

This episode of FTF’s Parents Playbook highlights the easy, everyday ways you can support your child’s healthy development and learning. Check out the video to see how two expert grandparents encourage their little one’s imagination, curiosity and love of bananas.

Babies learn by playing and doing

Starting from birth, young children learn and grow through their everyday experiences. Playing with simple household objects gives your baby the opportunity to use their senses, explore and experiment. And that’s how they develop their physical, social-emotional and thinking skills.

When your baby stacks blocks or cups, they’re developing their motor skills and spatial awareness. When they knock them down, they’re learning about cause and effect. And when you play along and talk with them as they try things, you’re helping them develop language skills and, most importantly, helping them feel safe, secure and loved.

Game Plan

Here are a few tips for encouraging your child’s curiosity and learning through play:

  • Provide safe opportunities for play and discovery throughout the day.
  • Be positive and encouraging.
  • Follow their lead and try not to do everything for them.
  • Have back-and-forth conversations about what they’re doing.
  • Encourage their imagination.
  • Have fun.

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