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Tag: screentime

Top 5 tips for video chat with young children

  • parenting

Video chat with is a great way to help your little one build relationships and stay connected with long-distance family and friends.


Using technology to advance toddler and preschooler learning

  • early learning

By managing screen time and choosing developmentally appropriate technology, adults can actually extend a young child’s learning.

Facetime isn't the same as other screen time

FaceTime can help babies connect with long-distance relatives

  • parenting

​​Video chat is an exception to pediatricians’ “no screens for babies” recommendation because it enables responsive, back-and-forth…

Your toddler

Your Toddler Ages 1-2

  • child development

How to help your child learn language and explore the world through play.


Guiding Preschoolers

  • parenting

Learn about setting behavior expectations for preschoolers.

Children and Tech

Children and Technology

  • screentime

Learn about when to let children use smart phones and other electronics.

TV time and language

TV and videos don’t help very young children learn new words

  • language & literacy

Babies and toddlers develop language skills by listening and interacting with caring adults – real talk with real people.

Mom and baby - screen time

Pediatricians’ new recommendations for children’s media use

  • health & nutrition

Screen time is a tricky issue for today’s parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced new recommendations to help families make…

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