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Information and inspiration for parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Facetime isn't the same as other screen time

FaceTime can help babies connect with long-distance relatives

  • parenting

​​Video chat is an exception to pediatricians’ “no screens for babies” recommendation because it enables responsive, back-and-forth…

Parenteen: A survival guide

Teen parents: Keeping your dreams alive

  • parenting

​​Being a young parent isn’t easy, but with a team of supporters and a solid plan, you can achieve your goals and be an even better parent.

Shopping with your child can help them eat better

Tips to get your toddler to try (and eventually like) new foods

  • health and nutrition

Young kids can be reluctant to try new things to eat. Here are some ways to motivate your toddler to take that first bite.

Father and son laughing

Bringing books to life

  • early learning

Reading engages parts of the brain that store memories for vision, touch, physical activity and other functions. Here are some suggestions to help make books…

Parent Seat Vacancy

Be a voice for young kids: parent volunteer seats open

  • AZ communities

P​arents of young children and other volunteers are needed to help impact the early childhood services and programs available in local communities across…

Our list of best gifts for kids

Our guide to toys that help young kids learn and grow

  • child development

Check out our interactive guide to inexpensive (or free) toys and gifts that promote learning and language development in babies, toddlers and preschoolers.…

Tip fo feeding toddlers

Toddlers and food: 9 tips for healthy eating habits

  • health and nutrition

​Parents know that developing healthy childhood eating habits is important, but it’s not easy. Here’s some advice.

Reduce holiday stress for your kids

Helping young kids have a happy holiday season

  • social-emotional development

The holidays can mean disrupted routines and unfamiliar faces and places. Get some tips to make your child more comfortable.

How early can a child share?

Sharing takes understanding

  • child development

Sharing is a big, complex concept for young kids. They aren’t able to understand it or develop the skills to share until they’re 3 or 4, or even…

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