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Tag: play

Your Toddler from age 2-3

Your Toddler Ages 2-3

  • special needs

Learn about raising a child who is becoming more active, talking and testing limits.

The power of pretend play

The power of pretend play

  • child development

When toddlers engage in pretend play, they are doing much more than just​ having fun. Discover why pretend play is so important.​​​

Babies love to play

Do babies need play time?

  • child development

Babies explore and make sense of the world around them through play. It impacts all aspects of their development.

A parent's time is a gift

The best gift to give a child? Your time.

  • language & literacy

Young kids don’t need expensive toys. Positive, everyday moments spent together with the adults in their lives are what they need most to learn and…

Mom and baby - screen time

Pediatricians’ new recommendations for children’s media use

  • language & literacy

Screen time is a tricky issue for today’s parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced new recommendations to help families make…

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