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Tag: early learning

Q&A with Dawn Wilkinson

Q&A with AZAEYC Executive Director Dawn Wilkinson

​Find out about NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child™, an annual celebration to raise awareness of the importance of quality early learning.​​

Quality child care program

Road map to educational success begins with quality early learning

The Arizona Education Progress Meter sets goals to strive toward and asks all Arizonans to support a shared vision of a “world class…

NAEYC logo

Get ready to celebrate Week of the Young Child in April

​April ​16-20 is an opportunity to highlight the importance of early learning and the educators who support the positive development of young children.

Father and son laughing

Bringing books to life

Reading engages parts of the brain that store memories for vision, touch, physical activity and other functions. Here are some suggestions to help make books…


Your Preschooler Ages 3-5

Learn how to help your child keep learning and develop social skills.

Your toddler

Your Toddler Ages 1-2

How to help your child learn language and explore the world through play.


Guiding Preschoolers

Learn about setting behavior expectations for preschoolers.

Your Toddler from age 2-3

Your Toddler Ages 2-3

Learn about raising a child who is becoming more active, talking and testing limits.

Children with special needs

If Your Child has a Special Need

Learn how to get help for children with disabilities or chronic conditions.

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