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Tag: brain development

mom reads picture book to daughter

When reading to toddlers, books with pictures are ‘just right’

New research shows that reading a story book with pictures sparks more brain activity in kids than watching a cartoon or reading a book without pictures.

Mom and sister read book with young girl

Early focus on social-emotional skills helps in many ways

New research from Harvard highlights that early brain development is interconnected. Social-emotional, language and physical skills all build on each other.

Your toddler

Your Toddler Ages 1-2

How to help your child learn language and explore the world through play.

Peek a boo with baby

Your Baby’s First Six Months

Learn how your newborn is developing and how to take care of her.

Your Toddler from age 2-3

Your Toddler Ages 2-3

Learn about raising a child who is becoming more active, talking and testing limits.

Guiding Toddlers

Guiding Toddlers

Learn about setting behavior guidelines for your young child.


Your Baby from 6-12 Months

Learn about teething, sleep patterns and helping your baby learn.

Born to learn

Never too young to learn

It wasn’t obvious to this first-time dad, but it’s never too early to start talking, reading and playing with your newborn.

Your baby can read your mood

Babies sense parents’ emotions to help understand their world

When can babies start to pick up on their parents’ emotions? From birth.

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