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Children Learn Through Play

Lets Play

Check out these videos, articles and resources to learn more about the importance of play.


fun activities you can do at-home with young children

At-Home Activities: Another Day, Another Way to Play

As the days at home start to pile up, try these fun activities that highlight how young children learn and grow through play.

young children learn by exploring, playing and doing

Parents Playbook: Everyday Play

Playing with simple household objects gives your little one the opportunity to use their senses, explore and pretend. Watch!

Playtime is serious business for young children

Playtime is Serious Business for Kids

For babies, toddlers and preschoolers, playing​ is the natural way to explore, discover, interact and learn.

baby girl playing with puzzle together with mom and sister

Simple Toys are Best for Learning

Pediatricians say basic toys like blocks, books, dolls and puzzles encourage quality play time between parent and child.

Block play helps build STEM skills

Building STEM Skills

Playing with blocks helps children develop spatial awareness skills related learning math.

mom and baby play with mirror

Reflecting on Babies and Mirror Play

Babies really like looking at themselves in the mirror. It’s a fun way to play and nurture their development.

Babies love to play

Do Babies Need Play Time?

Babies explore and make sense of the world around them through play. It impacts all aspects of their development.

parents and young children play with scarves

It's Scarf Season!

Playing with scarves is great for bonding and brain building. And you can do it almost anywhere.

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