Strategy Toolkit

First Things First invests in proven programs and innovative strategies that help prepare children for success in school and later in life. This Strategy Toolkit provides detailed information on all First Things First strategies currently implemented through regional and state program funding and partnerships.


Intended Use

The Strategy Toolkit is intended to support FTF regional partnership councils, the statewide Board, grantees and the many other early childhood system partners in strategic planning, developing and implementing programs, and other collaborative efforts to produce measureable outcomes for young children in our state.

Quality and Access

Children exposed to high quality early learning do better in school and are more likely to graduate.


Undetected or untreated health issues can impact a child's learning later on.

Professional Development

Teachers who know how to work with young children are crucial to providing quality early care and education.

Family Support

Parents and families are a child's first teachers.


Measuring effectiveness and promoting continuous quality improvement rely on robust accurate data.


Collaboration among system partners maximizes resources and effectiveness.

Community Awareness

We all have a shared responsibility to help children arrive at school prepared to succeed.